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“IVY ART” is a long-term project launched by Tianjin IVY Animation Ltd. which aims at introducing, promoting and supporting young artists in China. Contemporaneity, professionality, diversity, artistry and innovativeness are the characteristics of the project. The project is committed to form an eco-chain for the sustainable development of young artists and to build a communication platform in order to let art goes back to the reality and contacts with the public.

Discovery: anyone who doesn’t want to be ordinary

We concentrate on discovering young artists with the spirit of the time and innovation, artistic dream and creative enthusiasm. The project will accept artworks from different approaches and there is no limit to the theme and form of artworks and candidates. “IVY ART 2014 - First Promotion Exhibition of Chinese Young Artists” was held in Beijing at Inside-out Museum on 13 September 2014 under the cooperation between IVY Cultural Communication Ltd. and Chinese Artists Association, nearly a hundred young artists’ artworks which were selected by critics, curators and artists totaled 11 people were displaced on the exhibition.

Development: let the dreams come true

We attach great importance to the growth and development of young artists. The exploration of a new brokerage model is ongoing; this new model enables artists to focus on art creation in a more comfortable environment. We also associated with authoritative artists, critics, curators and consultant group in order to provide long-term concentration, cultivation and supporting to young artists. Therefore, we set up IVY Public Welfare Fund for helping and supporting young artists and youth who are interested in art, promoting innovation and artistic experimental projects. We’ll hold public educational activities every year such as a lecture named IVY ART Hall which aims to spread cultural art in art academies and public in various forms, broaden the horizon of young artists and popularize public art culture education.

Dialogues: let art becomes a lifestyle

We stress positive public communications and attach great importance to art quality. Under the age of revolution in new technology, life and communication means, we study the transformation of art existence through the statistic expression of art and entertaining experiment, represent the art creation process by mass media such as TV, internet in a new art promotion model to achieve the connection and effective communications between art and public which arouse the enthusiasm and stimulate the interests of public visually and adequately. We’ll try various kinds of cross-border art cooperation actively in the field of fashion, public affairs, technology and business to meet the demand of the market and reach all kinds of dialogues.

We have cooperated with renowned art academies, institutions, non-profit organizations and TV stations abroad and at home to contribute to and to promote the development of young artists. We aim to present the unique art ideas and aesthetic pursuit of young artists and their common sense about society, this era and life exploration which exists in their own art languages and works through the “IVY ART” project.

As the core idea of young artist cultivation, “Discovery, Development and Dialogues” is widely recognized by professionals and artists since the project started. We explore new brokerage models and popularizing approaches for art constantly. We also promote an artistic attitude of life in the meantime in order to let more and more people pay attention to art and the democratic art market.