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YAC Artists in Resident Program
Bidding for participation
Ⅰ Introduction of YAC Residency Program
Printmaking art develops under the diverse and international artistic circumstances. Tianjin YAC Young Artist Community proposed an Artist Residency Program to provide a mutual community platform to serve global young artists.
The residency program applies application from all art practitioners from all over the world, and the application will be received all the year. The program accepts not only printmaking artists, the permanent project includes: residency of printmaking artists and residency of non -printmaking artists. The art works of printmaking artists are skillful and meaningful, meanwhile, the works of printmaking artists are ingenious and fruitful. The annual Binhai International Print Camp not only promotes the cultural atmosphere of Dongjiang area, but also promotes the development of China printmaking.
Art has no boundaries, YAC will promote art creation and development with its enthusiasm and passion.
Ⅱ Registration Period
Category of recruitment
The permanent project:  residency of printmaking artists, residency of non -printmaking artists
Annual residency project: 2018 Binhai International Print Camp
The object of recruitment
artists and arts groups from universities and institutions all over the world.
Ⅲ、Introduction of YAC
YAC creates a sharing platform for young artists and a sharing community which covers creation of artists, residency program, exhibition, mutual communications and other functions. As a part of ICAC program, YAC locates at Tianjin Port Area of China(Tianjin) Pilot Free Trade Zone, it covers a total area of about 4000 square meters. Professional exhibition space, art store and experience zone locate at the 1st floor, the 2nd floor is printmaking base which equipped with international printmaking machines, the 3rd floor is artists’ studio, artists from home and abroad will spend their residency period here. Meanwhile, artists can enjoy the salon shared space and outdoor viewing platform.
At YAC, young artists will enjoy private space for creation, printmaking equipments and materials, chances to communicate with professionals and other artists during the time period of residency program. Through all kinds of means, YAC serves the public, satisfies the spiritual demands for art appreciation and communication, enriches people’s lives by strenghening communications between art and public.
Ⅳ、Contact: Zhao Linlin (Lynn)



Download:YAC Artists in Resident Program
Download:Application of Artist-in-residency